When you cross powerful software with the growing needs of the food banking industry…

…you get a vision tied to technology speaking for people who often don’t have a voice.

…you get users who are so invested in the success of a software that they become the creator.

…you get… Link2Feed… and the power to give everyone a meal.

What “Everyone Deserves a Meal” means to us

Our vision, “Everyone deserves a meal”, means just as it says: we believe that every single person deserves access to food. Eating is essential to survival. And to us, hunger is contradictory to progress and it’s simply unacceptable.

When we say that Link2Feed makes the decisions to ensure “everyone gets a meal” we’re saying that we provide solutions that help food banks get food to those who are hungry.

And we do everything we can to make sure that happens

How the Link2Feed software makes sure that everyone gets a meal:

  • Equitable Distribution of Resources Our software allows food banks to track usage levels and ensure that food is distributed equally to clients.
  • The Right Food Tracking information such as food sensitivities and cultural food preferences ensures that clients are given food they can eat, leading to full bellies and less food wastage.
  • Dignified Intake Process- Link2Feed’s intake process makes accessing food banks a more dignified experience, encouraging people to visit food banks when they are in need.
  • Understanding Clients Our reports give food banks the information they need to understand the people they serve and what is needed to support them.
  • Client Advocacy- Through accurate and statistically valid reporting, we allow food banks to advocate on behalf of their clients’ needs. These reports help to educate the community and dispel myths about food banks and their visitors.
  • Focusing on the Client- Link2Feed’s streamlined processes and automated features reduce the administrative duties of food bank staff and volunteers so they can spend their time focused on helping their clients.

We’re committed to feeding our world… one link at a time

Every food bank, large or small, is an important part of making sure everyone gets a meal.

We hope that one day every food bank will be using Link2Feed. Only then will we be able to create an accurate picture of what hunger looks like locally, regionally, nationally and around the world.

By coming together, we can make sure that everyone who needs a meal, gets one.

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